Originally from Brooklyn, New York, I completed my MFA at Osaka University of Arts on a Fellowship from the Japanese Government Ministry of Education and a Bachelors from New York University. I have extensive experience in print design, including catalogues, brochures and magazines. I have worked independently as an art director for non-profits as well as a team player at national magazines.

I've never felt grounded to anywhere. I float, like a seed, trying to take root somewhere. Perhaps to ground myself, or metaphorically to take root with the universe, I have been obsessed with the body and nature. The body becomes an extension of nature and nature becomes an extension of the body. Working in the delicate medium of paper and thread, my work expresses the transience and delicate presence of thehuman form.

I have exhibited in New York, Florida, Seattle, Red Lodge, Kyoto, Osaka, and Shanghai. I’m also a member of the Center for BookArts in New York City and sell my handcrafted books on Etsy. I love the art of books because they are accessible and intimate. Please visit my Kowaikuma shop on Etsy!

Client List

Art Director's Club
Center for Book Arts
Designart of Keizo Matsui
Food & Wine
Frierson Mee + Kraft
The Ink Tank
Knickerbocker Design
Nickelodeon Creative Services
Pix Design
Tippet Rise Art Center
Time Out New York
Town & Country
Travel + Leisure

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